FlowWriter 0.3.3 update

I have updated and fixed a few small things on FlowWriter. I intent to spend some time using it and collecting both my own and others feedback before I'll start working on the next update. Already got a few ideas, but want more data before I decides on whats goes in and how to go about it.

If you have any feedback, encounter bugs or want to share your writing process feel free to comment, contact me or throw some words into this little form.

Keep writing!

Change Log:

  • New icon
  • Prettier buttons
  • Fixed message bug
  • Reworded some stuff
  • Alt-tab working on Mac
  • Few tweaks here and there
  • Displays writing timer in minutes, not seconds
  • Access to FlowWriter folder from program (press return from start screen)


FlowWriter 0.33 Mac.app.zip 12 MB
May 02, 2017
FlowWriter 0.33 Win.zip 10 MB
May 02, 2017

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